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  1. H1Z1 Hacks Online

    IWantCheats - H1Z1 Hacks Online

    That's right we had the first ever H1Z1 hack released to the public, just five days after the game came out. You can see all the features, more images and other goodies on our H1Z1 cheat, including information about the Aimbot. H1Z1 hack download info.

    Currently we have full ESP released, this means you can find every weapon, all ammo, animals, see every zombie and other players.

    The nice thing about that is you can see an enemy ...

    Updated 05-20-2020 at 06:07 PM by GirlGamer

  2. BF5 Hacks are Coming March 2015

    Our new BF5 Hacks are Coming March 2015 to IWantCheats!

    If you want the best hack for Hardline register on the forum now and get ready to get access when the game is released.

    The really good news is our coders actually coded new software to help keep you undetected. This means you can cheat without having to worry about losing a CDKEY or your player for Battlefield Hardline.

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    The Battlefield Hardline hack will have around ...

    Updated 05-20-2020 at 06:03 PM by GirlGamer

  3. All cheats and hacks support Windows 10

    All of the cheats and hacks at iwantcheats now support Windows 10! If you don't have W10 yet grab the download right here, without having to wait.

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  4. Clicker Heroes Cheats Hacks

    Are you one of the millions of people playing Clicker Heroes and getting a finger cramp? If so we put out an auto clicker for $5.00 and you get access to it for a full year. It will help you rank up fast and unlock everything, plus you can earn one zillion dollars!

    Clicker Heroes Cheats and Hacks

    Updated 05-20-2020 at 06:15 PM by GirlGamer

  5. New Nether Cheats Hacks Aimbots Here

    That's right we are releasing our new Nether cheats this week and you can get them when you register on the forum then click subscribe, it takes about 2 minutes. Nether is a 64 player MMO where you join up with other online players and kill the Nether, these are evil looking creatures that can disappear and come back from any location to attack you. When you load the game our hacks start up instantly and you can adjust them in the game to see the enemy as well as all other players. We are also working ...
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