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  1. Battlefield Hardline is Amazing are YOU Getting it?

    I had the chance to play Battlefield Hardline Cheats when the beta came out and the game is amazing. Do you have plans to buy the game? I already got early copies on pre-order. Basically, if you don't know yet BF5 is all about cops vs robbers this time around and you won't see any military goodies at all. Now you have police motorcycles, cars, SWAT trucks and more at your call. Here are a few good videos to get you excited, you can get the game now with over night delivery at Amazon.

  2. New Dirty Bomb Hacks Download | Full ESP Cheat and Aimbot Wallhacks

    That's right everyone we are currently working on our new Dirty Bomb Hacks for you to download in the next few hours. If you haven't had time to check out the game and don't know what it is then click this link to view the game on Nexon and grab your beta keys. I included a nice video below showing off the game and plan to have our full ESP cheat video up shortly.

    When you play Dirty Bomb you'll notice it's a super fast paced run-and-gun type of game, this is where our wallhacks are ...

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  3. Infestation Cheats Hacks Aimbot Updated for Latest Build

    We have the best Infestation cheats in the world and with the latest updates to the game you'll find our hacks have the most features out of any other website. If you want to get away fast from other players and use our no clip we have it. Tired of running out of stamina? Don't worry about it because we include added stamina that refills itself so you can keep running. We show you where every zombie, player, weapon and object is in the game so you don't have to run around forever looking for nothing ...
  4. New Nether Cheats Hacks Aimbots Here

    That's right we are releasing our new Nether cheats this week and you can get them when you register on the forum then click subscribe, it takes about 2 minutes. Nether is a 64 player MMO where you join up with other online players and kill the Nether, these are evil looking creatures that can disappear and come back from any location to attack you. When you load the game our hacks start up instantly and you can adjust them in the game to see the enemy as well as all other players. We are also working ...
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