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  1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare vs Battlefield Hardline

    Has everyone seen the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer? If not I went ahead and posted it again below, it looks like Advanced Warfare and Battlefield Hardline will be fighting it out this Holiday season again to see who wins in the FPS Shooter field. I already put up our Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Hack page as well as our Battlefield Hardline hack page so go check them out! We expect to release our cheats shortly after the games drop. Which game will win?!

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  2. Propaganda or True? Largest Hack Team Busted

    The article below came out last week and said a police group had arrested the largest hack group in the world.

    The article went on to say they seized over $72 million in assets plus luxury cars.

    This all happened in China, but the group didn’t say what website the hackers were running.

    We think this was just a news post to try and scare other hackers.

    We’ve been in the industry so long that we know all the major sites, and none of them are offline.

    Even if your cheat site ranks #1 in the world for every keyword, there is no way you ...

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  3. Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront Soon

    As many of you know Black Ops 3 released along with Star Wars Battlefront, both games were amazing but were now all playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone!

    Our coders have been working on Call of Duty and Battlefield based games (the engine Battlefront is on) for over twelve years.

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  4. New HWID Spoofer Released for 2020


    Check out the new HWID SPOOFER we released for 2020!

    The HWID Spoofer works on all these games!

    • Rust
    • Apex Legends
    • Call of Duty Modern Warfare
    • Escape from Tarkov
    • Dead by Daylight
    • Rainbow Six Siege
    • PUBG and PUBG Lite
    • ROE
    • GTA5
    • ARMA3
    • Overwatch
    • Esportal (CSGO League Anti Cheat)

    Updated 06-16-2020 at 07:22 AM by ASUKA

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