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  1. The New Warzone Map Has Pissed Players Off

    The New Warzone Map Has Pissed Players Off

    The new Warzone map that players have waited a year and a half for has pissed off the entire community. It looks like the developers don't really give a crap with the long wait we had for a new map.

    The new map isn't really new, for some reason the developer thought they should release a map that was the 1984 version of Verdansk. That's right they went back in time lol.

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    Tons of people are complaining on Reddit and all across the internet on various forums and chat channels.

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  2. Black Ops 3 and Star Wars Battlefront Soon

    As many of you know Black Ops 3 released along with Star Wars Battlefront, both games were amazing but were now all playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone!

    Our coders have been working on Call of Duty and Battlefield based games (the engine Battlefront is on) for over twelve years.

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  3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare vs Battlefield Hardline

    Has everyone seen the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer? If not I went ahead and posted it again below, it looks like Advanced Warfare and Battlefield Hardline will be fighting it out this Holiday season again to see who wins in the FPS Shooter field. I already put up our Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Hack page as well as our Battlefield Hardline hack page so go check them out! We expect to release our cheats shortly after the games drop. Which game will win?!

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