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  1. Apex legends aimbot

    Our Apex Legends Aimbot is online and kicks some serious ass, check out the video below.

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  2. Soldier Front 2 Hacks Now Online at iwantcheats.net

    That's right we just released our Soldier Front 2 Hacks with full working aimbot and 40 other features! The hack has never been detected and will keep you safe online. In the event you play Soldier Front and encounter a GM who bans you it won't matter, we have a program for our VIP members that allow you to download an IP hider so any ban won't matter. Because Soldier Front 2 is free you can enjoy serious fun in any match or online server.

    Check out the score below, I got 41 kills just testing our auto aimbot! The cheat works great and you can get it now when you register on our forum and become a new VIP. We have the only undetected Soldier Front 2 hack.

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  3. Advanced Warfare Hacks Coming in November

    We will have the first ever Advanced Warfare Hacks released in November when the game is released!

    Our coder has been making Call of Duty hacks for over 8 years and has more experience than any other coder online. He was even featured on MTV News when we released the first ever MW2 hack, we had over 1 million downloads and NEVER got detected. =)

    So get ready for the release it's on the way! Until then check out this new game play video! BAM!

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  4. Battlefield Hardline is Amazing are YOU Getting it?


    I had the chance to play Battlefield Hardline Cheats when the beta came out and the game is amazing. Do you have plans to buy the game? I already got early copies on pre-order. Basically, if you don't know yet BF5 is all about cops vs robbers this time around and you won't see any military goodies at all. Now you have police motorcycles, cars, SWAT trucks and more at your call. Here are a few good videos to get you excited, you can get the game now with over night delivery at Amazon.

    Also check out our Battlefield Hardline hack page here for more info on what we plan to bring you for the game!


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