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All cheats and hacks support Windows 10

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All of the cheats and hacks at iwantcheats now support Windows 10! If you don't have W10 yet grab the download right here, without having to wait.

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  1. D5120's Avatar
    Hello, I have Windows 10 and cannot find Battlefield1, hack. I paid the rate some time ago.
    Please help me
  2. mikk8332's Avatar

    i just paid for the hack for CSGO, but I dont find the download link anywhere can u help me?
  3. Smilinglok's Avatar
    I saw this post and thought great i'll be fine to finally download PUBG hack, nope. later on i find out i need a different windows 10, can someone please point me in the direction to a refund ?

  4. ThanhNhan5's Avatar
    hello i paid for pubg hack but i could not find any link to download it
  5. Elchapo199's Avatar
    Hello win10 have the current update on it now to my error sobal I loader the logger and press two times on cheat I get the error message failed to start and / or open driver, please ask for help mfg
  6. Elchapo199's Avatar
    hello ?
  7. In2Madness's Avatar
    GamerGirl, I need you to message me here or at my email. I just spent the weekend fixing and reinstalling my PC after attempting to login to the cheat loader for the first time. On first login i believe it installs a few setting to allow the program to run, however users of Windows 10 Pro x64 will end up with an error that will leave them in the same scenario i found myself in. So, as a tech/engineer often will, in my process of solving my dilemma, i also tracked down the very issue that causes this, and having this solution among your "Upgrading Windows 10" page, will be extremely helpful to users new to installing your software. I offer this info freely. However, you can likely see i logged in once about 3-5 days ago, but didn't stay logged in because my computer crashed. I'd like to request that lost time be added to the end of my subscription, if that would be possible? I am a fair person, and i believe this to be an honorable request considering I now offer you info that will help your clients in the future to not have any issues, and if needbe, i can also write up something for you all to include on that windows 10 upgrade page as well. Again, the request is to be taken seperatley, and the info is free. Aside from that I wish you Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! :-)
  8. MrGetRektSon's Avatar
    Hi.I purchased the Rust hack,I followed the instruction step by step ,I spent almost 1 hour to do it and finally ,couldn't took 2 steps in game I was banned from the whole game.
    Now my Rust i this steam account is gone,and I paid the 20$ for nothing,I didn't even played 10 sec with it,before I'v been banned.
    I just wondering if there is any refund for the hack becouse it didn't worked how it was decribed and I also lost the whole game beacouse of it.
    Thank you for your help.
  9. TJC04's Avatar
    Hi, I purchased the Rust hacks. AND I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO DOWNLOAD THEM!?
  10. lovehk's Avatar
    i cant disable secure boot in my pc, so icant use the cheat T.T, how to request a refund, thanks.
  11. hemitick's Avatar
    how do i get my money refunded? I havent used the cheat downloader nor been banned. This process is to complicated and i dont trust it.
  12. hemitick's Avatar
    [QUOTE=lovehk;bt840]i cant disable secure boot in my pc, so icant use the cheat T.T, how to request a refund, thanks.[/QUOTE]
    did you get that refund?