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H1Z1 Hacks Online

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IWantCheats - H1Z1 Hacks Online

That's right we had the first ever H1Z1 hack released to the public, just five days after the game came out. You can see all the features, more images and other goodies on our H1Z1 cheat, including information about the Aimbot. Click here for H1Z1 hack download info.

Currently we have full ESP released, this means you can find every weapon, all ammo, animals, see every zombie and other players.

The nice thing about that is you can see an enemy ahead of time, hide, kill him and take all his stuff. =)

Here are a few screens, don't forget to check it out and grab VIP access now for H1Z1!

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  1. Badman5's Avatar
    When will this hack be back online?
  2. thatstony's Avatar
    when will the H1Z1 king of the kill cheats post?
  3. jackhickey's Avatar
    @girlgamer i have just purchased rust hacks and i don't no what to do i click on download nothing happendes