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Thread: staff review

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    staff review

    i see people posting about the cheats and so on, in my opinion it works all their cheats work and it's fun theirs nothing more to be said about that

    as for the staff review, i really like them, they've been active here constantly replying to us on any threads or questions we have, whether it was pre-sale questions to vip help to subscription inquiries.

    i feel like they are under-rated because some users here don't have the patience to sit through or listen to do the steps correctly, or sometimes they miss a step and get something wrong and blame staff over it

    so patience, dun worry too much and keep your cool and everything will be ok, their cheats work and they are awesome and fun to use, that's my honest review staff is awesome stay classy guys, love you all

    can't edit post so will double post, uh just wanted to say, i greatly appreciate them, i wish more would do so because they do deserve it for their efforts, they stay that active with us instead of neglecting us which is a + for all of us, lastly i wish everyone here a pleasant life and stay positive :]
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    Thank you for the kind words. We try our hardest to make our VIPs happy.

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    Thanks for the review and I have merged the threads for you =)

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