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Thread: WARFACE Hack.

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    Start: 05/14/2018
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    WARFACE Hack.

    Leon , im not insulting any1 and i dont want to keep on posting here but you closed my topic ... i just payed 14 dollar so yeah i want my hack. Seems logic to me.
    If you dont believe me that i payed i can make a screenshot from the mails i received from PayPal.

    Sorry that you have to move this AGAIN but pls dont close my topic, else i have to type it here again.

    Grts !

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    PPPPffffffffffff, tough one..did you ever read anything I posted to you in the threads and posts I have merged and answered..
    Please start reading and following directions, links and so on, what you do now is a waste of your time and mine tbh.

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