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    Cool Rainbow Six Siege | Honest Review

    The objective of a game is to entertain the user, not to frustrate them, or aggravate them because they cannot perform on a certain level. IWC's hacks are a great way to close the skill gap and bring back the enjoyment to your game. IWC provides instructions for their easy install, including an in-depth guide with detailed explanations for each step, as well as a video tutorial for those who need it. The hack itself has been very fun to use and has allowed me to progress through the game significantly quicker. The injection is very easy, and the hack is very easy to use. The hack grants you the ability to see your enemies, as well as your teammates through walls. It gives the user an extreme advantage over anyone and boasts a great protection system. Bans are extremely rare, and usually, only occur with blatant usage of the cheat, resulting in reports from other players. As far as automated detection goes, the system is flawless. You won't ever have to worry about getting banned if you just hold your angles, and don't do anything too suspicious. This cheap and reliable hack will have you coming back for more all the time. For those who still have their suspicions that it is a scam, take it from me, this has been the most fun I have ever had on Rainbow Six Siege. I will definitely be subscribing for years to come!


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    Thanks for the review.

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    Yeah to anyone having issues you must follow the instructions completely, I agree that this cheat is great and have had no issues purchasing, running, or even been called a cheater on r6 siege

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