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    help (Moved)

    This is not instant download. I sent them the bitcoin payment and have not received an email or any instructions. The FAQ page is blank with no posts.

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    Hello, The review section is not for support if you need help please use the pre-sales section which I have moved your post too.

    BTC is not instant unless you have paid the correct amount, When you overpay or underpay our system will not automatically setup your account then it must be set up manually.

    If you have the BTC transfer ID or order ID please post it here, Once Girl Gamer is online she will set up your account with access, Please let us know which game you're wanting access to.

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    Purchased APEX Chams through BITCOIN where is the instant access???

    Purchased APEX Chams through BITCOIN where is the instant access??? Where are the instructions and downloads? Why is the FAQ section blank?

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    Start: 03/30/2019
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    Can you post your bitcoin transaction id here. so we can verify your payment. And for which cheat did you make the payment?

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