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    Fallout 76 hack review+customer service.

    Good day, hope whoever is reading this is well.

    I'll be honest and straight forward here and do apologize in advance if my review offends any of the staff.

    My experience thus far has not been all the best. Reason being that I had to seek help after paying for a hack which didn't work at first but, after a swift reply from a staff member was informed that it would be fixed. Great awesome. However albeit, I wasn't informed of when it was to be fixed. So I had to keep checking back and monitoring the forums to wait for an update.

    After discovering that it had been updated I quickly followed the process to get it up and running and finally loaded into the game. This is where my excitement then fell through as I was underwhelmingly only greeted with just ESP and shortly after 5 minutes of playtime a bluescreen of death.

    I was in some serious doubt that ESP was the only thing that the hack offered. So I did some digging on the forums in the Fallout 76 section and couldn't find a features post only being lead to believe that's all that there was to offer from the hack. I'm not sure if I somehow missed it, but would've appreciated it if it was outlined at the top of the Fallout 76 section before I had decided to make my purchase.

    Overall, I do appreciate the effort and speed as to which I was helped and how fast the team was able to get the hack back up and running but, I would like to request an exchange (if possible) on which hack I would be able to use as I regret my purchase decision.

    Sorry for the long post and sounding like the Karen of the internet. The team that operates the website is awesome and I hope I didn't offend any of them.

    Thank you.

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    Hello, Thanks for the review. We do however have a pre-sales section that is meant for all questions about a cheat anyone can ask before buying. The cheat is only ESP and if you have a lot of items on the screen at one time it could be too much for the computer to handle, that is why we do suggest lowering the fading of the ESP so there is not a screen full of clutter at any given time.

    If you are interested in changing the cheat to something else please open a VIP section thread and we will assist you.

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