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    Battlefield Review

    REVIEW for BattleField 1

    Setup process

    They require you to disable secure boot in the Bios, At 1st I was a bit scared to do this but after finding out it was very easy to do I went ahead and did it. It did not affect my system in any way.

    They also want you to be on the newest version of windows for me that was not hard to do since I always keep my pc up to date. Windows 10 1909 version.

    The overall steps to make the cheat work were simplistic and pretty much dummy-proof so long as you read the guide they have set up.


    The injection of the cheat is at the main menu after you start up the game, I've seen a few posts of people getting issues and errors but it's user error as I've never had any issues with it. It injects perfectly every time.


    I'd have to give this cheat an 8/10 rating, The aimbot is Silent aim it does not really let you choose where you want to aim but it will get the job done. If it allowed you to shoot far shots I would give it 10/10. May as a suggestion look into making the aimbot a bit better for long-range shots.

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    Thanks for the review!

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