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    Start: 05/21/2020
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    Cool My Black Squad Cheat Review

    I must say that the cheat is very nice indeed, I like how I can get so many more kills in a game. Compared to what I was getting without the cheat!
    It did have a few minor issues until the coders/staff updated the cheat.

    Since it has been updated, I have not yet got banned again.
    I've had no issues with the cheat since the update that the staff/coders have done.

    Before the update I must say that I was crashing a lot.
    I got banned on 2 accounts.
    Glad that the issue has gotten resolved.

    Thanks for the staff for everything that you have helped me with, Including updating my windows version. & A few other things as well to help get the cheat working on my computer.
    VERY helpful moderators/staff and the coders for making this cheat.

    I would give the cheat a 8/10 The reasoning of a 8 out of 10 is due to my issues that I had on my end due to the incorrect windows version, along with my anti-virus needing to be uninstalled.

    Thanks again, To everyone at IWC! Ya'll keep up the awesome work!

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    Thanks for your review.

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