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Thread: Black Squad

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    Black Squad
    Start: 08/29/2020
    End: 09/28/2020

    Black Squad

    I was thinking that there was an Aimbot for the cheat not just ESP.
    If there was an Aimbot I would be so happy.
    I have only been banned a couple of times while using the cheat, both were my fault. I like to alt-tab out of the game A LOT. & I'm always forgetting that I can't ALT-TAB. ( Checking discord when friends text me )
    The ESP works well, no issues on my end. I like the cheat.
    It helps me know when a player is close so I can kill them. Or sometimes they may have a cheat as well and kill me first. xD
    I had an issue when I first purchased the cheat, Windows was very outdated and had to run a few updates to get caught up.
    Once I updated my windows version, everything was peachy and worked with NO ISSUES.
    Is there any chance that we can get Aimbot added onto the cheat? By any chance?
    Like I mentioned above I really think that the aimbot would look very good on this cheat and be lots more fun!

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    Start: 03/30/2019
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    Thanks for your Review.

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