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    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Cheat
    Start: 11/20/2020
    End: 11/29/2020

    Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

    So, I'm here today, writing this review.

    First of all, i have to admit, i struggled at the very start, but things got easier when i actually was reading the instructions instead of just clicking around hoping things would just work lmao. How ever, I've been awarded with a 24 Hour Trial for the Black Ops: Cold War cheat and i have to admit, im suprised. Besides the fact, that i can actually use the cheat on a virtual machine ( Shadow Gaming <- a cloud gaming machine) the cheat actually runs quite smooth. How ever, here are some facts abou the whole thing, based on my experience.

    The Setup: 10/10

    It's quite simple, requires you a few clicks, but you can actually start your grind in less then 5 minutes if you follow the instructions.

    The ESP: 10/10

    Works like a charm,the only thing i have to say, you do not see enemies while you spectate others for example in S&D, but that's actually quite cool, so you don't come up with the idea spotting others positions. Sometimes its better to lose a game, then making it obvious that you cheat.

    The Aimbot: 9/10

    Flawless, for "human" cheating. - You get a delay of 0.10 seconds while aiming, wich makes it look way less obvious that you cheat, i like the feature and it works pretty damn good! You can also disable the "human aimbot" option, wich makes the aimbot even more effective, if you just want to rage around and don't care about your account after all. Remember, it is always you responsibility how obvious you cheat. Make it more "human" and the chances of a bann are quite low.

    The Aftermath: 9.5 / 10

    As i can tell, as a dude who can't really aim straight, i highly recommend the cheat for legit cheating, or even for those who just wanna rage around. It's quite nice to have a little help here and then, the fact you can actually set a key to aim at all, is great too, so you might wanna use the esp only if you wanna have a nearly zero bann chance at all. I will gladly invest in the cheat and enjoy it in future for sure.

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    Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Cheat
    Start: 11/14/2020
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    Thanks for the review.

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