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    Apex Legends Aimbot and ESP Review

    I can vouch and say that these peeps are legit as HECK, They are in fact NO scam. I have read many negative things about these guys and its a lie. The cheats that they offer are 100x legit. A couple of little problems that I ran into were not being able to find the setup and download page, BUT honestly if I would have done a little reading, I would have found it. I had to uninstall my anti-virus but the guys here that work on the forums gave me a recommendation of an anti-virus that will indeed work with the cheat.

    Full Cheat=9.9/10
    Forums Support=9.5/10

    The cheat that they offer is really worth the cash, I would recommend it. It has not gotten me banned 1 time. (YET) fingers crossed that I don't get banned.

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    Thanks for the review.

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