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    Hunt Showdown - Review -

    At first I was a little skeptical on purchasing a cheat from here, and then i decided its worth a shot, and lemme tell ya'll what I'm very glad that I did purchase my cheat from here - Legit and working. After I purchased the cheat (Purchased using Coinbase)
    It took like maybe an hour to get set up for the cheat - but from there it was a breeze. It took a little reading to find where the download was located. - I had no idea that it was actually on the forums lol, I was thinking maybe an e-mail or something of the sorts.
    Anyways. The cheat does in fact work with 0 problems for me, I also have never been banned but on the forums others have been banned but I'm thinking maybe that the bans were user errors due to the fact i'm yet to be banned. Indeed I'm playing smart with the cheat as well, but its a good cheat and its really worth the $MONEY$. I enjoy using it and I couldn't have asked for a better cheat.

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    Thanks for the review.

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