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    Apex Legends Review 2021

    Good day to everyone taking the time to read my review. Going to try to make it as short and sweet as possible so here we go.
    I use to have the Apex Legends (Chams) version and it was freaking awesome, I'm hoping that they bring that back in the future.
    So since.. They took the Chams version away I have been using the Aimbot & Esp version and it is also a blast, it's fun and super easy to set up and use, all it takes is a little bit of reading, and as long as you follow the steps you will be fine. I also make sure that I'm not playing bluntly with the cheat, I try to play as smart as possible to act like I'm not cheating. Since I been using this version, I have only been banned 1 time but it was probs due to the update and me injecting right after. The support is another huge hit, The admins are nice and friendly and if you have any questions they are there to answer in a matter of mins. Doesn't take long for support if needed. I really enjoy using this cheat its fun and a blast, helps me get more wins and kills in game. Other than that 1 ban I have had no more problems. Oh ya and the coder is very quick to update the cheat if needed, doesn't take long at all and get this if the cheat is offline more than 24 hours I get my time added back to my sub, So honestly its really worth the cash if you like to cheat and if you are looking for a good cheat that works well for Apex.

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    Thanks for the review.

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