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    PUBG Hack Review

    We would like to leave our review today on the cheat that is offered here for the hack on PUBG.
    First, I would like to clarify since my girlfriend and I live together we both play PC games together and we use the same cheats from the same place (Which is obviously here.) Lol.

    Anyway, Today we want to write a review on PUBG:
    The cheat works flawlessly, Little to no issues for us.
    When we first started using we kept getting a blue screen - Admins here very responsive and helpful solved our problem in a matter of minutes.
    We just had to update our windows version and BAM - Cheat working good. 0 issues at all.
    We prefer this cheat over other cheats that we have tried in the past due to the fact the cheat here will not get our accounts banned like other cheating services we have tried.

    We recommend this cheat others due to the fact that the cheat works nice and the no ban on our accounts. Of course - We do not rage though we play very smart like we aren't cheating at all, so no one reports us. Also, The cash price is very cheap compared to others. Good cheat for the price.

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    Thank you for posting your review sir.

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    Good morning, could you tell me if you have it for console, or just for pc?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G0D SCORPION View Post
    Good morning, could you tell me if you have it for console, or just for pc?
    We offer cheats just for PC.

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