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    COD Warzone / MW / CW hacks

    I have been running COD Warzone hacks for roughly 4-5 months from IWC and have tried Engine-owning as well. Yes, i have been HWID banned and had to get a new account... but I admit guilt as i would get bored and crank up the Aimbot for PLunder and shit all over folks to level up faster. All 3 times that i have done this, i was banned within 1-3 days.

    When i play "clean" like they reccomend, i dont get banned and have hacked for months at a time without problem.

    IWC is the best for PC controller players,

    I run walls, ESP and Aimbot on smooth. I typicaly run my Aimbot at 8-9 sensitivity and smoothing 1.9-2.400 to keep it from looking snappy to spectators. I have a buddy ive played with the whole time who doesnt know. With that said, another friend who cheated with another company could tell after watching me for a while... no worries, hes down. All in all the cheats are amazing.

    My only complaint is the "status" pages dont seem to get updated after updates on Warzone and i have to blindly refresh the cheat for several hours or days until it works again. It would be nice to be able to just Opt-in to an email notification that says cheat is down awaiting code update and another when its back on. The forum and status pages are clonky and not easy to skim. Simply "Yes" or "No" the cheat has been updated would be better.

    8.5/10, great shit, wouldnt change nearly anything outside of better communication when cheat is back up.

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    Thanks for the review!

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