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    rainbow six

    ~At First I'd Like To Say I Went Into This Not Really Expecting Much From The Cheat For Rainbow Six Siege.
    ~Then Come To Find Out The Cheat Works Really Well & I Only Really Expected The Cheat To Only Have ESP But It Also Has An Aimbot With The Cheat.
    ~The Aimbot Itself Works Decently Well & It's Set In A Way That Makes The Movement Of The Aimbot Feel More Legit.
    ~The Only Con I Would Say About The Aimbot Itself Is It Doesn't Really Target Body Parts That Well, When Someone Is Repelling On A Wall Or If They Lay Down The Aimbot Itself Will Not Hit The Target.
    ~Overall I Would Rate The Cheat Itself A 7 Out Of 10 With Some Room For Improvements.

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    Thanks for posting your review sir.

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