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    PUBG - Partial review

    AIMBOT - This cheat "by design" makes it so the user's shots 'intentionally miss' to help conceal the cheat to avoid a ban. I mean I haven't had one person accuse me of cheating yet so I will have to agree that this part works rather well... But... I do not agree with this at all no pun intended. The user should have the option to 'assign' a button to engage the aimbot so missing intentionally should be at the users descension; not the AIMBOT you are counting onthat only works "partially". I have literally been killed so many times by high level players in PUBG in close quarters I had the drop on because of the AIMBOT goes straight to the head and I've emptied entire magazines with very little hits or even sometimes NO hits. I was told to "Tap" for best results. This really isn't an option when you're 5 feet from someone... I would appreciate the option "I hope others will agree" that the AIMBOT works fully as it should otherwise it should be called 'partial' AIMBOT or 'MISSBOT' "J/K on the last". The AIMBOT will not adjust for any targets that require you to lead them. Even someone just 50 meters away the AIMBOT holds right on them which is going to miss every time if they are running "or driving" at any horizontal angle. The AIMBOT is missing way to much. Please rework this somehow.

    ESP / Radar - Pretty nice for the most part. One thing it doesn't do at all is pick up people more than a few hundred yards/meters away. I have been plugged in the head several times by snipers I cannot pick up on the radar and God forbid they are using a suppressor because all you're going to hear is rounds hitting you, or near you lol. Maybe I am doing something wrong because I am a fairly new user but if I am in fact using this correctly which I think I am, I have maxed out the radar -distance wise- and it doesn't cover a large enough area... I'm not a big fan of getting killed by people that disappear 'off of the radar'.

    BOTTOM LINE - As a paying customer that is purchasing something I am counting on to work correctly; I personally wouldn't pay for this cheat again until it is reworked. The AIMBOT that is missing intentionally, is heavily overaerated especially in close proximity IMO. Missing should be at the users descension not the cheat itself. If anything perhaps add 'hitbox' options "Head/Body" etc.

    I haven't had a single player accuse me of "hacks" or "cheats" yet which tells me it's either A. Working as intended or B. Not working good enough LOL.

    Thanks people!

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    Thanks for the review.

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