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    I want to say that so far everything is going as I had hoped since I am a new member here. The step by step guide is very simple and easy to read and follow. In the guide for the download and set up its very detailed and helpful. I was having a BSOD issue but good support from the moderators helped me and it was due to my windows veresion and I did have to update a bit. Since I did that no more BSOD and no more issues I have been enjoying the cheat. I like this cheat because so far I'm not banned and so far it doesn't crash the game or anything like that. The coder did a very awesome job at coding this cheat.
    I do not know if there is a way to record gameplay footage without the cheat showing up though, If there is a way can someone please let me know because my buddy keeps wanting me to get a video lol.
    I would recommend these cheats to others looking for a cheat because this place is legit and the cheat for EFT really works and does help me in game.
    I would not request anything to be changed with the cheat its honestly pretty good the way that it is.

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    Thanks for the review, sir

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