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    Dead by Daylight

    Going to be a simple and small review from a Girl Gamer.
    The cheat access when I purchased was INSTANT, I had no wait time for a key or anything of the sorts.
    The cheat sadly didn't work at first BUT that was because I did not follow the guide that is posted.
    I made a post on the forums and the admins helped me within minutes and they had the cheat WORKING on my computer within 1 hour max.
    I really want to give a shout out to the coder and the admins that are ahmazing here.
    I haven't been banned 1 time since I have been using this cheat.

    Thanks for the help and for the ahmazing cheat.
    Going to try out other cheats from here soon.

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    Thanks for your Review! Glad you like the Cheats.

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