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    I'm an IWC customer and using various cheats

    A lot of cheats do the job and are simple to use. IWC's suite of hacks is one-step above that by having a secure loader, but it's for a reason.

    The fear of getting banned is significantly dropped by having a dedicated team who, at first sight of something "off," take the specific cheat off for maintenance.

    "I paid money for this, and it's been off for four days." Well, it's better to know when it's up that you won't get banned, right? Waiting is hard, but not having a game to play is more of an inconvenience, in my opinion.

    New-time IWC customer, but so far, with my CSGO, PUBG, MW, and BF2042 purchases, I am pleased.

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    Thanks for the review.

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