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    Apex Legends Cheats Reviews

    Apex Legends Cheats
    I want to leave my review of the Apex Legends Light cheat, Which has an excellent outline glow to it.

    I got banned once, but it was my fault for not restarting my PC. NOT the cheat's fault. It was a smurf account anyways,

    Lol. Since I figured out why I got banned, I have not been banned again. This cheat helps me.

    Because tbh I'm blind as a bat when it comes to seeing players, plus it can see players near or far. If the cheat gets taken offline for any reason and offline for more than 24 hours, they add the time back to your sub.

    ANOTHER PLUS. I love this cheat, and the team is friendly also.

    5/5 keep up the good work

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    Thank you for the review!

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