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    BrainBread 2 Hack Screenshots

    BrainBread 2 is part of our new Level 1 multi cheat. Below is information and screenshots of the game.

    The multi cheat is available in the "Loud Pack" subscription.


    Player Chams (3 Styles - Bright Chams, Texture Chams, Wireframe Chams)
    XQZ Wallhack (See players and objects through walls without using chams)
    Fullbright (Brighten Up The Scene)
    WhiteWalls (Some walls and textures drawn in flat white)
    Nohands (3 Styles - Remove Hands, Chamed Hands, Wireframe Hands)
    NoSMoke (Draws smoke in wireframe so you can easily see through it)
    Triggerbot (Your weapon automatically fires for you when target i in range)
    Trigerbot Key (Select a key to activate the triggerbot)
    Triggerbot Color (Select which team to target)
    Recoil (Pulls your crosshair down as you fire)
    Crosshair (Custom crosshair drawn in the center of your screen)
    Info Box (Custom sprite information box showing your current hack settings)
    FPS Display (Show your current frames per second)
    Time Display (Shows the current time in your time zone)
    Save/Load Settings (Save and load your settings for future use)
    Custom Sprite based menu

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    Thanks for sharing the info buddy.

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