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    Infestation The NewZ Released - 2016 Zombie MMO

    Our Infestation NewZ Hack is the ONLY undetected cheat in the world!
    The NewZ hacks are protected by three layers of anti-cheat code!

    Get the Only UNDETECTED Infestation NewZ ESP Hack NOW!

    Infestation The NewZ is the most popular zombie MMO in the world and we have the best hack to go along with the game, making it more fun to play.
    Are you tired of people killing you without even knowing where the shot came from? Do you hate running around for hours trying to find weapons?
    It's horrible when you have to run from zombies only to lose stamina and die 2 seconds later, with our Infestation hack that never has to happen again.

    Our Infestation NewZ ESP Hack will always allow you to see the enemy, lock your weapon onto their head and kill them instantly.
    You can get any weapons you want and always stay alive with our features in hand, let us help you kill everyone on the server.

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    Infestation NewZ Hack Best Features

    Full ESP Options
    Enables multiple ESP features on the enemy and zombies to always know where every single player is coming from so you have the added advantage. ESP options include boxes, names, health, distance, weapons and more. With this feature, you'll have the tactical advantage against everyone in the game.

    Best Anti-Cheat
    With over 9 years of coding experience you're in safe hands when it comes to playing Infestation. We add extra security that no other site has included in their cheat to help you stay safe when you hack. We also have tips and tactics to help you stay away from FairFight.

    Save and Play
    All the features can be adjusted on the fly in the game using our menu, this allows you to change any settings fast with one click of your mouse. We also give you 4 save slots so you can setup different cheat configurations.

    Adjustable Colors
    You can adjust the colors of every option we include in our Infestation hack, so the enemy players boxes can be red, blue, yellow or even pink if you want.

    More Features Soon
    If the hack get's super popular we will keep adding more features FREE of charge!

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    Download the iwantcheats Infestation Hack and start hacking in a matter of minutes!

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    We DONT have a movie online for The NewZ because the developers keep flagging them.

    The cheat is online and still UNDETECTED!!

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