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    [Review] CSGO / Rust


    First of all, I would like to thank every admin / mod in this community for their fast response time on messages.

    I got RUST cheat for 3 hours it was functional without errors, but i dont recommend using it at +100 players servers due to huge amount of entities that will cause your game to lose some FPS. Aimbot feature was disabled which i didnt like but everything else was smooth and perfect.

    I rate it 7.5/10 Due to Aimbot feature loss only .. if it was enabled i rate it 9/10


    Moreover, CSGO cheat did very well on other hand 9.5/10, and i really recommend buying it. it was so awesome and i liked the exclusive (OW safe) feature. ESP was smooth unlike other cheat providers and aimbot system is just perfect.

    Overall i rate whole community of 8/10 and highly recommend purchasing cheat subscription from here

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    Thanks for taking the time to review your cheats

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