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    Team Fortress 2 [Worth it!]

    I've been using IWCs service for almost a week, about 50 hours of gameplay.
    I really like the customizability of the hack and how it is practically flawless. Only 2 small problems i've run into, first is that if you set "AimThru" as Automatic the aimbot will shake between players sometimes if there is more than 1 player within the set fov. Second is that in pre rounds, wallhack is off or doesn't work properly. Best thing about it all it that you can save up to 4 different profiles, i only 2 so far for scour and sniper.
    Lastly i want to mention the one downside, atleast for me, you can't change how smooth the aimbot is but low fov fixes that.

    I also want to mention that their support is the best/quickest i've experienced, quick answers and quick fixes if the hack just doesn't work.(some advice, look at what info other people are asked for when having problems and list that in your thread for quicker help.)

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    thanks for the review mate

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