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    Rust Review

    Given that fact that Rust still has about 90% of the player population of hackers is really hard to enjoy the game without hacks.

    Iwantcheats was able to help me fall inlove with rust all over again. Hacks are 100% undetected , I have been using them for almost 3 months without any issues regarding VAC. Sometimes there's updates with the loader making it sometimes difficult to load the cheats but the Iwantcheats staff is quick on helping out the customers on any questions.

    ESP is my favorite, it helps me detect other hackers around and makes it easier to avoid those blatant hackers. Now i said these cheats are undetected by VAC but it doesn't mean its not detected by admins and servers.
    The reason for that is because even if the server says vanilla it may still be modded and modded servers quickly detect hacks sometimes. Also most servers have admins that also hack so they can detect everything with their esp . My advice is join the server with minimal hacks on and slowly learn the server , see what the mods can detect and if the admins are active . My first month using these hacks i admit i kind of lost control and used aim bot to the point where i ended up being banned from pretty much every server & had to make a new steam account for rust . As long as you're careful and dont go crazy running around headshotting everyone you see you will be fine.
    Agian just be careful with the hacks and you will see its great to use.
    My buddy said im an idiot for paying for hacks and he downloaded some free version and it got him VAC banned within 2 weeks. These cheats are very much undetectable by VAC . All in all i would rate these cheats a 10/10 . Staff is helpful, cheats work like a charm, and most importantly VAC can kiss my A** lol. Hope this review helped for new buyers..

    Happy Hacking

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    Thanks for posting your review AruSt and Happy Hacking as well

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