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    Rainbow six siege review

    What this cheat offers

    The rainbow six cheat gives you ESP or Extra Sensory Perception on the enemy's drones and operator location similar to Caviera's interigation

    Gives you the ability to know the location of your enemy
    Uses the games code against it so its harder to track if you inject properly every time
    Win More gunfights by knowing exact location

    If you don't inject properly every time its a high likely-hood of you being banned because battleeye cracks down better than any anticheat

    Image of Drone ESP:

    Video of Operator ESP (With ace clip):

    note to admins:

    No need to remove pictures i injected twice on that account

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    image didnt load into the review so here it is

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    Hi, thanks for the review. I must disagree with the con that you said though as it's not a con.

    Injecting correctly is a necessity and clearly explained

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