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The iwantcheats BF4 hack has all the features you need to dominate in game. Enable your ESP to see enemy players and vehicles no matter where they are. Turn on your aimbot and make every bullet count in any firefight. Enable any of our other cheats for an instant advantage. Win every single round, rank up fast and look like a pro player. The possibilities are nearly endless.

You can easily launch the Battlefield 4 cheats from our secure launcher and configure your preferred features through an easy-to-use in-game interface. Configure your ESP, Aimbot settings, and enable our other powerful features to take down the enemy and enhance your game. Our cheat developer has over 7 years experience making hacks for Battlefield games, you came to the right place.

iwantcheats BF4 Hack Best Features

Aimbot Feature
Lock on to enemy infantry and make every shot count. Our aimbot lets you win just about any engagement against other infantry players. Customize your aim key, fov, and mode of aiming

Full ESP Options
Enables multiple ESP features on both Infantry and Vehicles. ESP options include boxes, names, health, distance and more. With this feature you'll have the tactical advantage in any battle.

No Sky
Locate the enemy quicker when the sky is turned off. This is particularly useful because each enemy shows up fast on the dark background, this makes it easier for you to dial in that head for a headshot.

No Fog
What's one of the worst things about levolution in BF4? It's horrible when a huge building collapses and the entire map is covered in smoke or fog. Just open our cheat menu and click one button and it's all gone. If you really want to get a clear eye on the Battlefield this option rocks.

Save and Play
All the features can be adjusted on the fly in the game using our menu, this allows you to change any settings fast with one click of your mouse. We also give you 4 save slots so you can setup different cheat configurations.

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