Our Undetected Battlefield 3 Hack with Full Aimbot, One Shot Kills, Jet Pilot Kills, and more.

Get the IWC Advantage

The iwantcheats BF3 hack has all the features you need to dominate in game. Enable your ESP to see enemy players and vehicles no matter where they are. Turn on your aimbot and make every bullet count in any firefight. Enable any of our other cheats for an instant advantage. Win every single round, rank up fast and look like a pro player. The possibilities are nearly endless.

You can easily launch the Battlefield 3 cheats from our secure launcher and configure your preferred features through an easy-to-use in-game interface. Configure your ESP, Aimbot settings, and enable our other powerful features to take down the enemy and enhance your game. Our cheat developer has over 7 years experience making hacks for Battlefield games, you came to the right place.

iwantcheats BF3 Hack Best Features

Aimbot Feature
Lock on to enemy infantry and make every shot count. Our aimbot lets you win any engagement against other infantry players. Customize your aim key, fov, and mode of aiming

One Shot Kill
Just turn on the One Shot Kill feature and any weapon will kill the enemy player with one shot and it doesn't matter where you hit them. Talk about fun, we give you that added advantage and more ammo kills than you can shake a stick at.

Jet Pilot Kills
Talk about being nasty, we allow you to kill pilots in a jet or helicopter. Simply turn off the visibility check feature, aim at a plane or helicopter and watch the bodies fall. We have some examples of this in the video above.

Full ESP
Always know where every single enemy player is located. With our ESP you can see every player even when they hide behind a wall. Having ESP will even allow you to play better if you don't want to use the killer aimbot.

Save and Play
All the features can be adjusted on the fly in the game using our menu, this allows you to change any settings fast with one click of your mouse. We also give you 4 save slots so you can setup different cheat configurations.

Major Features
These are some of the other features you can find with some of our cheats here at IWC. All cheats have a different feature set, but this is what we work on to put in every cheat.

Aimbot: Bullet Drop Correction, Movement Prediction, Frame Compensation, Aim point, Auto-Switch Target Toggle, Visible Targets Only Toggle, Configurable Max Distance, Configurable Aim Angle, Configurable Prediction Limit, Configurable Aim Bones, Critical Distance(targets within this distance take priority over others), Visibility Checks, Penetration Checks, Smart Target Selection

ESP: Show player names, Show player class, Show player weapon, Show player health, Show player skeleton, Bullet ESP, Ammo/Medic Kit ESP, C4/Claymore/Explosives ESP, Barrel ESP, Configurable Team Colors(visible, not visible), Configurable Enemy Colors(visible, not visible)

Boxes: Player Boxes, Custom Health Bar, Configurable for Team and/or Enemy

2D Radar: Shows all players/vehicles, Configurable Colors, Configurable Zoom/Scale Factor, Configurable Position

Crosshair: Configurable Color, Configurable Size, Configurable Structure

Removals: No Spread(does not shake!), works both with and without the aimbot, No Recoil, works both with and without the aimbot, No Sway, removes sniper sway, Screenshot Mode, remove all visuals (panic button)

Warnings: Proximity Alert, Configurable Distance, Aiming At Your Warnings, Configurable for Visible / NotVisible Targets, Show Player Weapon

Auto Knife: Will knife players automatically, Configurable Distance

Auto Fire: Will fire at players following a strict set of rules, hit guaranteed, Configurable target max speed, Configurable target max acceleration, Configurable max distance

Profile System: Save Settings, Load Settings, Delete Settings, Auto-Load Settings

Anti-Cheat: Clean Screenshots, Clean Videos, Safe

Download the iwantcheats BF3 Hack and start hacking in a matter of minutes!